Latvian Junior Doctors’ Association
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October 16, 2017

No. 2017/01-11

We would like to acknowledge our moral support and appreciation to the young Polish doctors and OGÓLNOPOLSKI ZWIĄZEK ZAWODOWY LEKARZY for their strength and willpower to fight for their rights and higher quality for their patient care.

Support to our colleagues who continue the hunger strike in the main hall of the Warsaw Medical University’s Paediatric Hospital already since 02.10.2017.

We are aware about the unproductive discussions with Polish government, and therefore we support your efforts in order to improve the situation in Poland – fighting for the increase in healthcare financing and wages for all medical professionals, including young doctors during their postgraduate training.

We agree that there is no possibility to provide a qualitative health care for patients if the government spending for healthcare is dramatically low (around 4.4% GDP). The government shows ignorance and disinterest towards the needs of Polish people and medical professionals, making them work extensive over-hours in order to be able to manage their everyday needs – therefore significantly decreasing the quality of patient care. In the past years a tremendous number of medical practitioners have been leaving our countries for a more profitable job abroad, we are sincerely concerned about the growth of such tendencies in case the financing for health care would not increase.

Latvian Junior Doctors’ Association would like to acknowledge their support. We encourage you to stay inspired, brave and smart, believe in and fight for a medical system in which everyone could receive high-quality health care. A healthcare that could be provided by smart, intelligent and empathetic, nonetheless adequately paid doctors.

Your strike plays a significant role not only for the Polish society and healthcare system, but also serves as an empowerment of medical professionals in other countries with similar problems.


Latvian Junior Doctors’ association

Chairman Karlis Racenis